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Aggressive Alabama Trial Lawyer Fights for Victims of Personal Injury

Seeking full compensation for serious harm due to negligence

People who suffer bodily injury caused by the negligence of others are entitled to recover appropriate compensation. At Jake Watson, P.C., I use my more than 15 years as a trial attorney to fight for the money damages needed to fully reimburse my clients for their losses. . Whether you are the victim of an auto accident, a slip and fall, a defective product or an act of medical malpractice, I pursue your case aggressively, thoroughly investigating the facts and gathering the evidence that is essential to building a winning case. I work with qualified experts whose testimony can further solidify your entitlement to damages. When you retain my services, you can be assured of quality representation and personal attention at every stage of your case until it reaches a successful conclusion.

Experienced in full range of personal injury scenarios

Bodily injuries can arise in many spheres of human activity, usually due to someone’s failure to abide by reasonable standards of care. Accidents can happen at home, at work, on the roads, on private or public property or in hospitals or other care facilities. There are specific rules and procedures that apply when suing for injuries in these particular areas:

  • Auto accidents — I represent drivers, passengers, and pedestrians who’ve been injured in car, truck and motorcycle accidents throughout Alabama, winning damages from responsible parties while defending my clients against claims of comparative fault.
  • Slip and falls — Property owners and managers, including public entities, have a duty to keep their premises free from hazards. I represent people who have been injured due to a slip or trip and fall at a restaurant, theater, parking lot, department store, supermarket or other property.
  • Defective products — Manufacturers, distributors and sellers can be sued if products that were defectively made or designed cause injuries. Examples of products involved in this type of litigation are automobile air bags, machine tools, household products, medical devices and pharmaceuticals.
  • Medical malpractice — Doctors and other medical professionals are required to hold to the accepted professional standard of care in treating patients. I litigate malpractice cases charging that medical negligence caused or worsened health problems. These complex cases often involve working with medical experts to prove the doctor’s error, the causation of injury and the extent of the resulting damages.
  • Nursing home abuse — Elders spending their twilight years in nursing homes and other assisted care facilities deserve responsive and respectful treatment. When these facilities neglect or mistreat their patients, I take necessary legal action to stop the abuse and to obtain money damages for the injuries caused.

In handling these types of negligence and malpractice as well as others, I am fully adept at proving every element of the case and making sure that all responsible parties are made to answer for their wrongdoing. Whenever possible, I will pursue these goals through alternatives to trial, but I will not hesitate to go to court.

Proving full extent of injuries to win maximum compensation

Damages in negligence and malpractice cases run the gamut from expenses for medical treatment to compensation for such catastrophic injuries as brain damage, paralysis, blindness and other permanent disabilities. Whatever the severity of your injury or that of a family member, you can trust that I will work tirelessly to investigate and document the damages, which include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Permanent injury or disfigurement
  • Loss of income or ability to earn
  • Future expenses related to the injury

In the worst cases, where an injury leads to a fatality, I can bring a wrongful death case in behalf of surviving family members, seeking compensation not only for the decedent’s damages but also for the survivors’ mental anguish and loss of care and companionship.

Contact my Huntsville, Alabama office for a free consultation.

If you or a family member has suffered bodily injury due to an accident or to the wrongful acts of another, I can help protect your rights. I work on a contingency basis in personal injury cases, so you pay no legal fees unless I recover compensation for you. To schedule a free consultation and case evaluation, call Jake Watson, P.C. or contact my office online.