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When you face DUI charges, your reputation and future are on the line.  A DUI charge does not disappear from your driving record as soon as you pay your fine, or fulfill any other obligations of your case.  In fact, the charge can remain on your record for many years.  That is why you need help from a skilled DUI lawyer who knows how to fight for your rights if you are accused of drunk driving, and even help you clear your DUI off your criminal record.

Who can find out about a DUI charge?

A DUI charge can stay on your driving record for up to ten years for a first offense.  Even if this offense results in a small fine and/or a short suspension of your license, the effects can last long into the future.  Employers and your insurance company will be able to view your driving record and it might easily lead your insurance company to raise their rates, or your prospective employer not to hire you.

Working with an experienced drunk driving lawyer can potentially save you the embarrassment of having to explain a drunk driving offense to a current or prospective employer.  Your lawyer will work to have your DUI offense either reduced to a lesser offense or potentially dismissed.

The Firm is Experienced With DUI Cases

Jake Watson devotes a portion of his practice to defending clients against drunk driving charges.   Jake Watson is dedicated to ensuring that you get a fair hearing for your alleged DUI offense.  He has worked with prosecutors and judges in and around the Huntsville area on many different DUI cases. He will strive for a dismissal or reduction of your DUI charges so that the DUI does not remain on your driving record any longer than necessary.

Please see his DUI defense page to learn about the legal services he offers.